Top 10 Places In Jakarta


The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is a city of contrasts and a mixture of cultures. Tourists from all over the world visit here and stay in any of the Jakarta hotels to enjoy a memorable holiday.

1. Merdeka Square is Jakarta’s most important square and one of the top tourist sights in the city.  The square is surrounded by many attractive tourist sites such as Merdeka Palace, Istiqlal Mosque and the National Museum of Indonesia. In the heart of Merdeka Square is the famed National Monument.

2. National Monument called Monas is an obelisk topped with gold, and is dedicated to Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence. The monument which is an icon of Jakarta, rests in a park that is one of the few open green spaces in the area. There is a museum of national history with a gallery of 48 dioramas inside this candle-shape monument.


Museum National: Located in front of Monas, this museum displays pre-historical and historical artifacts from Indonesian culture from as far back as the Stone Age. Museum Gajah (its other name) has one of the most complete collections of Chinese ceramics in the world. Established in 1778, the museum is one of the oldest in South-East Asia, and boasts of a comprehensive collection of artifacts.

4. Museum Fatahillah is often called ‘the oldest building in Jakarta’, and was a city hall back in the 17th century. Also known as the Old Batavia Museum, or Museum Sejarah, this antique building is often used to host shows, exhibitions and as a backdrop for photos.


Lubang Buaya: An important site of Indonesian history, Lubang Buaya literally meaning “crocodile’s pit” is the site of the murder of seven army officers during the 1st October coup attempt of the Thirtieth of September Movement. The site also attracts plenty of tourists.

6. Petak Sembilan the city’s original Chinatown, sees the cultural exchange between native Jakartans and Chinese, It features the Gloria building (Jakarta’s first supermarket) and the ancient Dharma Bhakti temple. Visited during the Chinese New Year season of January-February, tourists can taste great Chinese food here at the Peranakan traditional market. Many discount hotels in Jakarta are located here.

7. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Park depicts Indonesia through its pint sized replicas of the archipelago, traditional houses from different provinces, and cultural items. Taman Park is one of the largest green areas in the city and a great place to unwind.

8. Setu Babakan: This 165-hectare cultural conservation park was created by Governor Fauzi Bowo in 2004 as part of Jakarta’s anniversary celebration. A slice of Betawi life has been preserved for tourists and locals to enjoy here, and tourists can enjoy typical Betawi foods, drinks, cakes, and regular Betawi dance performances held every weekend.

9. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol: Originally a place to relax for the Dutch elites back in the 18th century, it has now become a modern water park for children and adults. Dunia Fantasi, Gelanggang Samudera, and Seaworld Indonesia are some major attractions here, as well as nice seaside views and the occasional dance parties near the beach.

10. Jakarta Old Town is another place to visit where one comes across many interesting tourist sights such as the Jakarta Kota Station and Jakarta Old Port.







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Headed to Jakarta?

Jakarta, also known as the Big Durian may seem overwhelming at first sight. But once you get over it you will realise that it is one of Asia’s most exciting cities. Jakarta is a city of many faces. You can experience the steamy streets and the amazing nightlife of the lively city by staying in one of the 3 star hotels in Jakarta. Or if you are looking for something cheaper then you can head to one of the 2 star hotels in Jakarta listed in’s website.

Originally known as Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta has a history of nearly 500 years. It evolved into a major trading centre by the 14th century but it was freed from the Dutch rule and restored as the capital of Indonesia only in 1949.

There are quite a number of places that you can head to in Jakarta. The Ancol Dream Park houses the largest aquarium in South East Asia.

You can also visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which offers a peek into the various cultures of the country. A visit to the Presidential Palace, which is open to the public on weekends, can be exciting for all. There are also a lot of museums like the Puppet Museum, Military Museum and the Maritime Museum. Get an insight into the country’s colourful history. There are many 3 star hotels in Jakartafrom which you can rent a car or take a bus or train to any of these places.

A Shop-Till-You-Drop Experience

It is wise to carry an extra bag when you go to Jakarta as there is a whole load of shopping options that are available. It has countless shopping malls.

Or if you are the kind who loves street shopping then there are hundreds of alleys where you can shop till you drop. There are also a lot of local antique products like handicrafts and traditional batik available. So look up 2 star hotels in Jakartaat to find one which is close to a shopping area.

Jakarta’s night life is the best in Asia. There are a lot of hep clubs and bars that you could head to or you can go to the 3 star hotels in Jakarta for a quiet drink.

Trying the local food is a must when you go to any country. There are numerous Jakartan dishes to choose from. The city is famous for its street food. The food courts in shopping malls or cuisines of 2 star hotels in Jakartaare greatand are a must-experience for visitors.  So find the perfect 3 star hotel in Jakarta and experience the lifestyle in this chaotic but lovable city! offers the Exciting Side of Life at Hotels in Jakarta as an online hotel reservation agency offers a range of great hotels in Jakarta from where visitors can set off to explore a culture that is diverse, hospitality that is much-spoken about and exotic sights that go to make a vacation complete. Video tour of the 5 star Manhattan Hotel in Casablanca, Kuningan, Jakarta on Jalan Prof Dr Satrio street.

Top Accommodation Sites That Call For Jakarta Flights

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and was previously known as Batavia. It has the maximum population in the entire island. It is situated on the coast of Java. This region is prone to floods and high tides. It features a tropical dry and wet type of climate with high humidity. The conurbation is famous for its historical sites like museums and architectural marvels which attract flights to Jakarta. All these demand for accommodation facilities which are provided by the top hotels located in this destination. Some of them have been described in brief as under:

1. Grand Kemang

This hotel is the perfect destination for those seeking a leisure stay at this city. It is elegantly designed in the contemporary style. The team commits to provide impeccable personalized services to all those taking early Jakarta flights. Some of the exceptional facilities provided here include a drug store, high speed internet access, laundry and cleaning services, in room safety, shopping arcade, doctor on call and many other necessary amenities.

Additional facilities which are also suited for recreational activities include swimming pool, well equipped business centre and a gym. All these facilities attract plenty of tourists to this destination.

2. Hotel Santika

It is conveniently located in the core of the conurbation close to the central business district. It is also close to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. It provides an Indonesian environment which offers impeccable services. It inhabits plenty of restaurants and is preferred by people for social functions like cocktail party, board meetings, banquets, etc. It homes more than two hundred rooms of different categories.

The rooms have been recently renovated to provide a more spacious feel to the visitors. Each room is featured with a thirty two centimeters mattress to provide utmost comfort. All these facilities call for plenty of cheap flights to Jakarta.

3. Grand Hyatt

It is a luxurious hotel which is centrally located in the heart of the conurbation. It lies opposite to the Plaza Indonesia which is a sophisticated shopping place. It is characterized by more than four hundred rooms and boasts of the Club Olympus Spa and Fitness centre. Facilities offered in this spa are yoga classes, steam bath, sauna, hot whirlpools, spa treatment and gym equipments. It houses plenty of award winning bars, lounges and restaurants such as Grand Café Jakarta, Burgundy Lounge Bar, Sumire Japanese restaurant and C’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant. These allurements call for flights to Jakarta in great numbers.

4. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

It provides an ideal staying location for all types of travelers. One feels at home even after being away from it. The ambience is so pleasant and warm that one feels highly welcomed. The hotel offers twenty four hour service. The company has set up more than eighty five hotels in thirty five different countries. The rooms are well furnished with proper air conditioning systems, satellite televisions, mini bar and high speed internet connection. These amenities call for Jakarta flights in huge numbers.

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Discover a Desirable Destination at Jakarta

Have you always dreamt of going to a vacation spot where you can do everything that you have desired? Called as the Big Durian, Jakarta is the capital and the biggest city in Indonesia that is situated northwest on the island of Java. Divided into five districts of East Jakartaor Jakarta Timur, West Jakarta or Jakarta Barat, South Jakarta orJakarta Selatan, North Jakarta or Jakarta Utara and Central Jakarta or Jakarta Pusat, this fascinating city opens out incredible discoveries that every visitor can enjoy. With the name of the city being derived from the old Javanese word, ‘Jayakarta’ that translates into ‘complete victory’, ‘victorious deed’ and ‘complete act’, this fascinating was the trading port for the Kingdom of Sunda and also was the capital of the Dutch East Indies. Tourists can go on delectable sojourn to enjoy Nasi Uduk, Eddy’s Toast at a popular hangout, Barito Chicken Porridge, rawon or beef soup, fried chicken with ketumbar, Manadonese food, the spicy Pitik Rambut Setan and many other delicious dishes.

As one of the top places for the rich and famous, Jakarta displays a spectrum of attractions that includes the Ancol Dream Park or Taman Impian Jaya Ancol with its Sea World, Dunia Fantasi, Marina Bay, Pasar Seni and Gelanggang Samudera or the dolphin attractions. Visitors enjoying a rich and satisfying stay at excellent accommodation rooms can set out to visit the Museum Nasional with great exhibits, the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta or the Jakarta Arts Theater, the Presidential Palace, the Monas or the National Monument, shop at the exciting Pasar Baru market,view theGedung Proklamasi or the Proclamation Building and the Textile Museum.

Discover all that’s Fascinating and Fabulous

Families staying in comfortable accommodation rooms can take off to see the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia in Little Park with its Marine Museum,the Science Museum,theFresh Water Aquarium,theButterfly Park,thePhilately Museum,the Flower Park, the Bird Parkwith a thrilling ride in a cable car to get a bird’s eye view of the huge park. Tourists can relax at luxurious spas and enjoy massages or take off to sight the historical Lubang Buaya, the famous Museum Wayang or the Puppet Museum, the Museum Sasmita Loka, view the fascinating Sunda Kelapa Port or Old Harbour and discover antiques at the Jalan Surabaya or the Surabaya Street.

Families on a vacation to Jakarta can explore the Ragunan Zoo, the Bird Market with vibrantly colored tropical birds for sale, the Bird Island at Thousand Islands and the Atmosfear Dry Slider. With a gamut of sights to see and experience, Jakarta reveals the mists of the past at the famous Istiqlal Mosque, the Cathedral Church, Museum ABRI or the Military Museum and the Museum Bank Mandiri. Lovers of adventure can enjoy themselves at the Thousand Islands which are situated off the Jakarta Bay and indulge in water sports while families can have a great time at the El Dorado Waterpark, Cibubur, the Ocean Park, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Serpong and the Pondok Indah Waterpark at the Pondok Indah Mall complex in South Jakarta. Jakarta offers a mélange of the passionate, pleasurable and prime activities to pamper visitors.

Enter the Land of the Big Durian

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